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Good Books to Accompany The A.I. Investor

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The A.I. Investor series uses Machine Learning with Python to create A.I. stock pickers (and it teaches everything needed to do that too).

I've had questions from readers about what books are worth reading to understand investing/Machine Learning stuff.

To be honest I don't think there's anything overly complicated there (that's why I felt I could condense all the content into a book and then show how to make the A.I. Investor yourself). This BibTree might help by pointing readers to books that they might look up to go into more depth on any one of the subjects the A.I. Investor books cover.

It's basically a child of the Value Investing school of thought (the earlier type, where they focus on financial statements more and rank stocks) and the Python/Machine Learning stuff which seems to be popular these days (I do think Python is an excellent language to start with).

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